29 January 2009

Weekend at Richmond

DH has been working the past 2 weekends so decided to have a last minute break away. He found a country house hotel just north of Richmond, North Yorkshire. Apparently there are 57 Richmonds in the world but this is said to be the original town. On Saturday we ventured into the town and had to visit the castle It was bitterly cold, but it was dry. The pic below is the keep.

The next pic is is the great hall inside the keep, looks a bit face-like.And this pic shows the town and its market from the top of the keep. By this time we were very windswept and sooo cold. After visiting we took refuge in a tea shop!Afterward we went out of town to Richmond Station, which isn't now a station, but the Grade 2 listed building is used as shops, cafe and cinema.

Still on a train theme on Sunday we went to Shildon and the Locomotion exhibition there. It has engines that have been relocated from the National Railway Museum in York. DH has taken masses of pics and below are just a few on my own.
This one is of the engine used in the film of the Railway Children, which is undergoing restoration. Next to the engine above there looks to be the front of a miniature ship! It's actually a snow plough.And this one I could not resist and I turned off the flash to take this. As you can see there's my reflection as I had to take the picture through the window in the door of the education room. They are mosaic style pictures of modes of transport - feet, train and tram. The background looks like patchwork and were so bright and colourful. There are 2 other pictures but I could only take three through the window.

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