29 September 2009


Sorry, had to say it - it's only just 12 weeks - less than 3 months to Cbristmas (and I apologise in advance if this depresses anyone!). So I have started early with some ideas for presents, but before that I had a stocking to make for my youngest granddaughter Isobel. As her dad, Alex, stayed with us this weekend, I made one for her ready for Christmas. A few years back I bought a panel of 3 of Nancy Halvorsen's "Peppermint & Hollyberries" Christmas stockings fronts from the Quilt Room, 2 of which have been used for stockings for the older two grandchildren. As we are expecting no. 4 at the beginning of December I needed more stocking fronts and found a similar panel from the same designer but slightly different designs which I bought at the Skep Mill in Pudsey. So I can get a 4th one in progress to a point where I just need to get the name embroidered before finishing off.

With each of the stockings that I've made I've outlined the shapes by hand on the fronts and machine quilted the backs before joining the fronts and backs with bias binding. I liked this design as it is cute enough a design for a youngster and hopefully will still be cool enough for when they get older.

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