14 September 2009

(Grand) Day out in London

It's a very rare occasion that we go to London. Find it far to hectic, but a suggestion earlier this year that my daughter, Sarah, reminded us of was to see the Wallace and Gromit exhibition at the Science Museum, which we were keen to see. David and I went down to London by train, just one and three quarter hours from Doncaster, quicker than had we gone there from the south coast where we used to live, even though Yorkshire is further from London.

So arranged with my sister Wen and Sarah we met up with them, Wen's husband George and son Tyler and the six of us went to visit the London Eye as well as the Science Museum. We hadn't been on the London Eye before but before going on this there was a 5 minute 4-d film show, which was quite impressive with a flying seagull appearing to fly just in front of us.

Here's some pics from the London Eye (a mix of mine, David's and George's photo's). Below is the London Eye (from the Golden Jubilee Bridge after our ride). Following this is the view of Big Ben, then St Paul's Cathedral - now dwarfed by the office blocks that surround it.

Charing Cross train station is above with the BR Tower behind it. I remember the BT Tower once being the tallest building in London.And a time for family photos. This one above of David, me and Sarah taken by George.
Then Wen, Tyler and George taken by me.

We were quite enjoyed the Wallace and Gromit exhibition and also had a chance to see a few other exhibits within the Science Museum.

As we returned to Kings Cross and our return to Doncaster, David and I went to see the newly refurbished St Pancras rail station, which is the new terminus for the Eurostar trains. It is now a very sophisticated place to start a journey to Europe with designer shops and bars on the forecourt. There were also some notable features like the large clock, previously abandoned and now restored and in it rightful place. Also found a bronze statue of Sir John Betjemin, who wrote quite a few poems based on railway journeys.

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