13 March 2010

A bit of catching up to do.

I've not posted anything recently which means I'm waaayyyy behind in updating my blog.

Last weekend on Saturday I went with Janet to the Quilters Guild Regional Day in Clifford, near Leeds.  The speaker in the morning was Maggie Relph from The African Fabric Shop, describing her journey and the types of fabrics made in West Africa.  It was amazing how much fabric came out of the suitcase on the table beside her.  In the afternoon we had a choice of 3 mini workshops and made a felt pincushion with a chicken appliqued on it.  (Sorry, didn't take a photo). We had a very enjoyable day.

On Sunday David and I went to Brodsworth House and Conisborough Castle, both run by English Heritage, of which we are members.  Both are around Doncaster, so not that far to get to.  A lovely sunny, if cold day and I think a lot of people were taking advantage of the nice weather to out and about as it was quite busy at Brodsworth.

Because of the prolonged winter the snowdrops were still in flower so had a chance to take some photos like the two above surrounding the statues and after some lunch we went on to Consiborough.  After wandering around the ruined castle a chance to go up to the keep, which was recently renovated.

 So as you can see David and I had to take photos of each other just as proof we've been there!  There's a view of the town in the background.

Not quite sure what Blogger is doing to my photos, they're not quite appearing where I want them to! 

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