03 March 2010

Visit to Llangollen

It has been a long time since I last posted and so much to catch up on, where the time goes I don't know.  The weekend before last David and I went for a weekend to Llangollen and Chester as a chance to escape work/weather/whatever and go somewhere different - well not exactly different as we visited the area a few years ago.  Although snowy and cold we found the Llangollen very busy as it was the last weekend of half term and a Thomas the Tank Engine weekend on the railway there.  So here are a few photos of trains.

One is of Thomas (of course)

 In the middle is the lovely scene of the River Dee running alongside the railway.  The last photo is of a tender engine just coming into the station.

We'd also visited the Quiltfest there, which took place at the local museum and at Plas Newydd, just a short walk out of the town.  I managed to take a few pics of the quilts shown at Plas Newydd, which housed quilts of the Contemporary group of the Quilters Guild.    Here are some photos of a few of the quilts that I took.


The metamorphosis of a frog by Joanna O'Neil - David liked this one and wanted me to take the photo.

This one I liked by Gillian Travis of her studio (I remembered taking photos of her shoes and the flowers in the Festival of Quilts which are to the right of this photo).
And this quilt made us laugh.  Its in 3 layers with holes in it made by Irene McWilliam, inspired by "Hole in the Ground" by Bernard Cribbins, and trying to remember how the song goes.  After getting home David downloaded the song. Next to the quilt is a stained glass window placed over a hollow in the wall.

As we made our way towards Wrexham and the hotel we could not resist stopping at Thomas Telfords Pontcysyllte Aquaduct, where you are so high in the valley over the River Dee with just a narrow path alongside the canal and things look so small, like the football players in the field below, they look like Subbuteo footballers!

And there's a barge along the canal. (See there's still some snow in the distance)
So that was our day in Llangollen, we went onto Chester on Sunday before going home.

Last week was my last week at Wakefield Council and also received cards from the latest postcard swap which I'll post very soon.

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