05 April 2010

A day of sewing

It's great to have a decent slice of time to sew and today, weatherwise was not supposed to be a nice day, but although cloudy it stayed dry (I was hoping for rain!).  I set to with a quilt for Freddie as the other 3 grandchildren have got quilts and I saw February's Popular Patchwork which had a quilt called "Woof", named after the Makower fabrics that the quilt was made of and here's a photo of the magazine article.

Having mislaid the magazine a while I then phoned the supplier who made up the kits and it was no surprise that they had sold out.  To buy the quantities of fabrics to make it cost so much more - so I bought the panel fabric from Hobbycraft when I went to the branch in Leeds and chose fabrics from mine and my Mum's fabric stashes that would go.  To my surprise I managed to get 12 blocks done and are now arranged on the bed before choosing the final arrangement. I'm quite pleased how they turned out so the magazine was the starting point for making my own version of this than following the actual kit.

I also made some postcards for a charity that is raising funds for a Teenage Cancer Unit in Norfolk.  Another BQL Postcard group member asked for some postcards a little while ago so here are some more to go, mostly made from the scrap bag pieces. (Not that it's made a dent in it!).

Yesterday being a better of these past two days, David and I ventured to a steam railway in Leeds, Middleton Railway in Hunslet.  There was a short line with a small terminus, just a platform, in Middleton Park a large wooded parkland.  So really it was a case it just went there and back again.  There was quite a good little museum with locally made engines, including one made in the year we were born, nice to know we're old enough to be museum pieces, even at our age!!

We then went on to Temple Newsam in Leeds, a large hall with vast grounds and a farm.  We visited the house but not allowed to take photos so here's a link to find out about it.  The house itself took over an hour and half to get round and that wasn't all of it and we didn't get to see the farm either, but that can wait for another time.

So that was it for our Easter weekend, back to the grind tomorrow.

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