22 April 2010

Visiting and a Visitor

Perhaps should be the other way around, but doesn't sound quite right.  Weekend before last we had a visit from my daughter Sarah, who was taking a break from her studies (she took an exam yesterday) to stay with us.  We went on a shopping trip to Leeds.  Not much shopping done, but nice to have time to browse around the shops and a lovely sunny day too.  On Sunday David, Sarah and I visited the National Coal Mining Museum near Wakefield and had the chance to have a tour in the mine itself which was really brilliant.  On the surface there was a lot more to see and think we may go there again sometime soon to see the bits we missed.  Anyway before going underground we had our photo taken just to prove we've been there, taken by museum's photographer.

As for the visiting, we went to stay at my brother-in-law's in Surrey last weekend as David, Peter, my son Alex and a few friends went to Farnham for Beerex on the Friday.  David and I also visited my sister, other brother-in-law and nephew on Saturday in Burnham, near Slough.  The skies were very quiet due to planes being grounded, really unusual.  We enjoyed a barbeque in the warm late afternoon sun, which was lovely.

Before heading back up north again on Sunday we all got together for Sunday lunch in Chandlers Ford to have a late celebration of my son Jamie's birthday (which was on the 16th).  Here's a pic of Jamie with his wife Carly, not liking having her photo taken as she's usually the other side of her camera. 
It was a lovely weekend but work beckoned (shame :o(( ) so had to go back. 

As for sewing, there hasn't been none of late, so must get back into practice.

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