24 June 2010

Shopping and Yellow Postcards

As promised from my last post here is a photo of my purchase of fabric from our visit to Derbyshire Dales and visiting Quiltessential.  Still haven't started on this yet as I've just finished a batch of postcards on the theme of "Something Yellow".
So below are the yellow themed cards, the flowers being buttercups, inspired by the rather weed infested lawn in our back garden.
Then there are the cards that I've received so far, brilliant aren't they.

 Although it doesn't show too well in the photo the top right one is of a Brownie polo shirt with a prairie point collar.  The yellow submarine at the bottom was just brilliant.

Now the shopping bit.  Last week I bought some cleanser,  toner and spritzer that come from Liz Earle, which has just the most heavenly fragrances I know.  Arrived in the post on Saturday it was lovely to unwrap from its box, which was carefully packed from the Isle of Wight. Lovely stuff.

While out last Saturday in Doncaster as well as going to the markets for fruit and veg there were some European sellers and a Dutch plant seller had these lovely Sempervivums and Sedums in this lovely, what I could describe as "bun tin" container. I've got to plant them up into a couple of proper pots, but I could not resist the lovely reds and greens and all for a fiver, bargain.

Another purchase which I had to get was a new camera to replace the one that I'd broken recently.  We were following another similar to the broken one on e-bay until late on Saturday but was beaten in the bidding in literally the last few seconds.  As it cost only another £30 more to buy a new one as opposed to a used one in good condition I decided to go for new instead and here it is - in red this time instead of purple.

 This pic was taken with my phone and there is a slight reflection as there is a clear cover to protect the front.  I've yet to delve through the manual which came on CD which has been uploaded, but had a bit of a play around with it and some of the above pics have been taken already with this.

Last of all on Father's Day David received a card from our son Jamie which included a thank you letter from grandson Leo (I suspect with some help from his Mum).  Leo is coming up to 3 years old and getting very artistic as the card below proves. I love the smiley face in the middle.

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