02 January 2011

Moving Forward

Its a bit of a sad time taking down the Christmas decorations as the rooms downstairs look so naked without the brightness of tinsel and lights, but Christmas is over and a New Year begun, so onwards and upwards. 

I took time to take photos first before I started on the task

Here's the tree
 The mirror and fireplace
 The wall unit above, and the pile of decorations before being packed away for another year.
Further to my post a couple of days ago, I am looking forward to a workshop in a couple of weeks and got out the requirements list for this and whilst trying use what fabric I had I decided I would go for this purple Kaffe Fassett fabric for the feature fabric for this workshop.  I am certain on this but not so for the dark/medium/lights to go with it. Whether to go for different colours or shades of one colour.  At least I have a little time to think about it.

 Moving forward from there we are now starting on packing up the house here in Yorkshire and 21st January will see us return to our house in Poole.  Just over 2 years ago David was made redundant from his job in IT in Bournemouth due to some restructuring of the company and he immediately found a job with a banking company up here in Yorkshire.  We couldn't sell our house at the time so rented out the house and here in Hemsworth we've rented a house and we'd thought we would settle once I had found myself a permanent job.  This hasn't happened, though I have had a series of temporary jobs and meanwhile he is facing redundancy again with notice up to the end on March.  Our tenants in our Poole house have now vacated it and so made our decision to return.  On our last trip down South at the beginning of December we had a chance to look over the house and its not looking too bad considering it was rented out though we could see that we will need to redecorate and make it our home once again.  The ironic thing is that I reluctantly took up a temporary job in Wakefield which was to be "just a couple of weeks" just after our trip down South and it looks like it could be permanent, which is a shame.
So where we go from there I'm not too sure, but hope that I can get some temporary work until things sort themselves out.  David's not sure either what will happen with his work, but hopes he can get some contract work which may mean he is away from home, but at least we know where our home base is.


  1. I'm sorry things didn't work out for you up here, hopefully they will all come right once you move back down south.

  2. It all sounds rather unsettling Sue but I'm sure it will work out, you will be settled and you'll look back and see what the big plan was! Best wishes for your move.

  3. Hope 2011 holds good things for you Sue. Good luck with your move and whatever your future brings.


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