10 January 2011

Packing away

I've not been involved too much with packing stuff up for our move to Poole on 21st.  David has been working from home and combining that with the sorting out and packing.  What was our guest bedroom is now full of boxes.  I came home from work to find that he's taken down pictures from the walls so the rooms do look a little bare. I've just got this week at work and I'll be finished, then I'll have to look for work down South.

I have been sewing a couple of postcards, one was for a birthday today, but unfortunately I didn't take a photo so I'll have to ask the birthday girl to take a photo for me. 

To give us a break from the house we decided to go out to Sheffield and visit the Fire and Police Museum, which is housed in the old Victorian Fire and Police building close to the ring road around the city.  It's only open on Sundays and Bank Holidays as it's run by volunteers.  The space is small and it was difficult to take any decent pictures as the vehicles there were crammed in.  However I managed to take one of David in a fireman's helmet (which I think may have been left for younger visitors).

I hope to have some photos soon of a workshop that I'm going to on Saturday.  This'll probably the last bit of sewing before I move.

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  1. I was just thinking, at least you did manage to get out and about and see quite a lot of the sights up here while you lived in Yorkshire. What was your favourite?


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