15 April 2011

Quilters Guild Conference

This last week has been very busy, so it's only until now (when I've got a day's holiday) that I've been able to update the blog.

Last Saturday I went to Exeter for the day to the Quilters' Guild AGM and conference.  It is a weekend event but I decided that it would be too much so just the day for me.  It was a 2 hour journey from home but finding my way around a university campus took up quite a bit of the good time that I made getting there.  

I briefly met up with some people that I know, including Lis, who's blog is here. She spent the weekend there and had a trip to Cowslip workshops in Cornwall had has a lovely write up about it on her blog.  There were exhibits to see, from 2 people who won the Sue Belton prize to help with their studies; quilts by Susan Denton, Wild West (West country that is, not the "cowboy" Wild West) challenge for Region 4 quilters, Young Quilters Challenge and the QG challenge Take 4. Here are my pics from the day.

One of the Sue Belton prize winner's quilts

One of the quilts by Susan Denton
Another Sue Belton prize winner quilt

After the AGM in the morning there were 2 lectures in the afternoon both from the local region - first was from Kindred Spirits - a group of four/five art quilters who will be holding their third exhibition at RHS Rosemoor in the summer, followed by a talk from one of the founder members of the Guild, Jenny Hutchinson, about how the guild started and how quilting had evolved from its start over 30 years ago. Really informative and a good day out and the sun shone on my journeying to Exeter and back.
Above and below are a selection of the Wild West Challenge quilts
Here's my friend Penny's quilt
A collection of quilts by the Young Quilters
Above and below some of the quilted panels made by Kindred Spirits

Above is a quilt by Michael James, which belongs to Jenny Hutchinson    

 I could not resist buying fabric and above is some fabric that I bought from Strawberry Fayre - I could not resist those bright bold cats.
 By the way I hadn't shown the fabric that I bought at the IQD a few weeks back
 I bought this at The Home Workshop at the conference
 Just to show that I have been doing some sewing, here are some Wiggly bags that I made.

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  1. It was great to meet up. Interesting to see your pictures from the conference - some the same as I took and some that I didn't.It shows how we all appreciate different things and I'm glad you got some of those wonderful young quilters' pieces, they were great. Lis x


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