04 April 2011

Millenium Embroideries and the Garden

I thought I would share with you some embroidery projects that I've seen lately when out and about that were done to celebrate the Millenium, which seems a long time ago now.

Where Freddie's christening party took place two weeks ago at Boldre Village Hall, near Lymington, itself a fairly modern hall having been built in 2000, there was an embroidery of the village, though the photo shows a lot of light reflected off the glass.  I can't remember what organisation made this, though.

While at the christening, I could not resist taking a photo of the vicar's stole, which he took off after the church service.  A lot of embroidery there, with some 3-d applique figures on it.

Oh yes, I ought to include Freddie and his proud parents, Carly (hidden by the camera) and Jamie.

The next one that I've seen was in Swanage, while waiting in the Mowlem Theatre, which was sewn by the East Purbeck region of the Women's Institute. We went there with our friends to see the almost last concert by the Yetties, who will retire after next week.  These have got postcard sized embroidered pictures on a painted background.

Now for the garden.  Spring has most definitely sprung and the weeds are growing even more!  Trying to get some weeds out, cut back plants and clear dead vegetation.  I put together a little plastic greenhouse and the plant inside is a cucumber, there will be tomatoes and peppers to come, but its a start. Meanwhile David has been putting top soil in our veggie patch and sewing some seeds and planting the rhubarb crown. 

Looks like we're getting there

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