23 July 2011

Before I Go Away

Sounds as though I'm going to be away for ages, not just 5 days.  David and I are going to St Ives in Cornwall tomorrow (couldn't face travelling on Saturday - we know what the holiday traffic is like going through Dorset!) and staying at a B&B there.  The weather is not looking too bad, not much rain so - touch wood - we should be able to get out an about. 

I've finished my job at West Dorset so no more commuting to Dorchester, which is 25 miles each way, but it was a good job and nice people there so I will miss it.  But new challenge to come with new job and a longer contract too.  No more temping for a while, which is great. It's done me well over the past nearly 3 years when in Yorkshire and moving back to Dorset, but time to be more settled on the job front.

No photos to share this time but I'll make up for that on my return.  Might look at updating things here soon too.  Watch this space.

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