10 July 2011

Visit to Legoland

My grandson, Leo's birthday was yesterday and the start of the birthday celebrations started with a trip to Legoland on Thursday when my son Jamie has his day off.  He and his wife Carly already had tickets to go there, so David and I decided to join them followed by Sarah.  The day was very mixed weather wise going from heavy rain to brilliant sunshine by the end of the day but it didn't stop the enthusiasm.

So here are some pics

 That's us, no.....
That's us!!
Leo in the little driving school car
Jamie, Freddie and David

Freddie and Jamie

Leo in the train next to a giraffe 
When it wasn't wet we got ourselves wet!
David, Sarah and I could not resist taking photos of the model towns that were near the end of our day at Legoland. A few more pics here.
View of Piccadilly

and the Underground underneath

The London Eye and the London Council building

Other London buildings including the Swiss Re "Gherkin"
Leo looking at the buses

NASA's Cape Canaveral
It was a brilliant day - can we go again?

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