20 November 2011

Sunday post

Just catching up after a weekend away and getting ready for work tomorrow.  First of all I must show off my prize from Lis' giveaway recently a gorgeous little tea cup mat.  It was larger that I thought it would be at 7.5" square so a nice size for a mug too and plenty of room to admire the sashiko.  In the spirit of giveaways, there was a little bit more in the envelope some white gloves for free motion work and a note pad.  Thank you once again Lis.

I also made my Herman cake as mentioned in the last post.  I think I should have put the mix in a larger cake tin and it took longer than the instructions stated but it came out really well and I took half with me to my Brother-in-Law's where we stayed this weekend.  It seemed that people I knew heard about the cake but didn't want the sourdough mix to make one themselves so I'll use one part to make another cake to freeze.

Last week I made a start on a sewing machine cover to replace the horrible plastic one on my new little sewing machine.  I've quilted the two sides and the gusset bit in between and put a pocket on one of the sides.  I've got to think about what to applique on this.  I was given a photocopied pattern but want to put my own style in this.  The shape of the machine cover is similar to the red one here.  A lot of the patterns that I have seen don't have a space for the carrying handle on the machine to come through, so as I intend to carry this to workshops this was important to me. Now I'll have to find a way of finishing the hole for the handle, which probably use a bias binding.
Above is my progress so far.  The parts all quilted and the pocket put on the front.  David is away during this week so I may get some sewing done on this.

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