09 May 2012

Day Trip to Bruges

Being a Bank Holiday weekend last weekend David and I went with my brother-in-law and his wife to Kent, staying just outside Ramsgate and taking an early morning ferry from Dover to Calais and going (more or less) up the coast road to Bruges. It's a very pretty town, which was more than we could say about the weather - cold and wet.  We enjoyed the scenery, exploring some shops and a cruise on the canals as the town is surrounded by canals from the coast to towns further inland including Ghent.

These are my pics of the day

First view of one of the canals going through a park
I saw this unusual sculpture near a bridge, it was near the Brewery Museum
A gate in the town walls, this was outside an Abbey (sorry I can't remember the name)
We then went on a canal sightseeing trip and you'll have to excuse the next few photos being a bit wonky as they were taken on the move.  The one above is me taking a photo of David while he's taking a photo of me.
Figures in the building above include Laurel and Hardy in the left window and also Captain Haddock from Tintin on the left side of the middle window, but I don't recognise the others.

We hoped to find somewhere for an evening meal on our way back to Calais and went through Ostend where just south of there is a town called Middelkerke which had a nice little restaurant.  Before setting off for Calais I took a few photos of the seafront (it had to be done, it's a different bit of sea from Bournemouth!).

 Saw this funny sculpture, they turned out to be Smurfs!
 View along the promenade, with weather like that no-one was going to venture out for a walk
Beach huts and what looks like a birdhouse.

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  1. It looks like a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing your photos. I traveled vicariously.


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