21 May 2012

Not a lot to blog about

or as David says "this'll be a short blog because I'm too busy playing with my i-pad!" Hmm.. see how this goes.

Last weekend we had friends to stay with David and Brian going to Swanage Railway and enjoying the beer fest at Harman's Cross, a stop along the line.  Briony and myself went to Corfe Castle, which is a well know landmark in the Purbecks.  Climbing up to one of the towers there was a train in Corfe Castle station. This was a lovely clear day with a gorgeous view of the Dorset countryside
Heading towards the car park we saw a crowd of people on the grass bank alongside the railway waiting for this

We returned to Wareham and a walk along the River Frome. I went along here a few weeks before I'm getting to like this place.  Seeing the boats
And a nesting swan, never seen that before
It was a really lovely day.

This week I haven't been up to making much.  I had to take some hand sewing to Bourne Quilters on Thursday so started on the 6th Dresden block and this is the progress by this weekend

I've since joined the small pieces on the bottom of each section and pinned onto the background.

I've also taken up some knitting. Making an aran cardigan for Leo. so I actually had some knitting to take to the Saturday knitting group
I've made a birthday postcard for an upcoming birthday on the Jubilee holiday weekend

But my spare time has been taken up with reading.  I'm not a book reader as a book really has to "grab" me and draw me in and if it doesn't I can't be bothered.  For some reason I found myself looking at Kindle downloads and seeing a free book called "Lillian - One Woman's Journey Through the Twentieth Century".  It was free so I downloaded onto my i-pad and had difficulty putting it down and I managed to read this in 4 days!  So now I'm trying another book at see how that goes.

So it wasn't too short a blog post was it!


  1. I've always thought that knitting and quilting go together.

  2. Love the postcard, and the DP and the knitting are looking good!


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