24 October 2012

Days Out

I haven't had much sewing or other creative stuff to blog about recently, so for today's posting I will share some photos from the last couple of months of going out and about which I haven't posted about before.  It is such a drab day today (as it has been for the past couple of days) some nice pics will brighten the day up.

Back in September we went on the Wessex Belle dining train run by the Swanage Railway with Peter and Diane, my brother-in-law and his wife.  We had a really brilliant day from going to Swanage by bus into Bournemouth and taking the Swanage bus that goes on the Sandbanks ferry over to the Purbecks.  Spending the afternoon in the town having a wander round we then made our way to the station.

By the beginning of September the nights were drawing in and by the time we left the station and headed for Corfe Castle is was getting dark.  By the time we returned on our first run back to Swanage it was dark and we had another return trip while we had our meal.  It was a really lovely 3 course meal, though we had to choose from the menu in advance and remember what we'd ordered! It was really well organised and the waiters (all volunteers) were really friendly so it was a great experience that we'd try again. 

I thought that the Day Out With Thomas day came after the Swanage Railway trip but I found this was back in August in the week of the August Bank Holiday.  The Thomas day was on the Watercress Line, in Hampshire.  This was a family day out with Jamie, Carly and the boys who are Thomas the Tank Engine mad.  In fact, Freddie is train mad because he keeps playing the dvd that David made of video clips that he's taken!

It was so busy (as you would expect with Thomas being so popular).  This photo was taken on a footbridge at Ropley station.  But the boys managed to see the popular characters 

Thomas and Diesel.
And Gordon (I think!)
And they met the Fat Controller.

If trips up and down the line were not enough, over the footbridge and in the field by the station was a miniature railway too, which Carly and I went with Leo and Freddie

At the beginning of this month we had a day out with Alex, Mary and the girls, this time to Marwell Wildlife.  This was quite a large park to get around but the girls did well and there were play areas dotted around to take their interest as well as the animals.

Penguins, showing off in the water

Seeing how tall you are compare with a giraffe.
Comparing meerkats

Seeing lemurs, zebra and rhinos
And at the end a train ride!

PS - Because it's October all the links above have some spooky goings on for Halloween.


  1. Ha ha, your family days out could so easily be substituted for mine. All over the country we are going on trains, admiring little animals and eating. We are off to Norfolk tomorrow - steam train, animals, quilt shop and lunches out!!

  2. Haven't you been a gad about!! Love the Thomas photos!


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