01 January 2013

New Year Normality

Having gone back to work yesterday and now a day off for New Year's Day, David and I are starting to get back to normal after the Christmas holidays.  A nice time as it was, it's a New Year and time to move forward.  A nice sunny day instead of the murk and rain of recent days we took ourselves to Bournemouth's West Cliff and went for a walk towards Bournemouth Pier.

I took a photo of David with my mobile and the day was so clear that not only can you see the pier, but to his left you can just about see the Isle of Wight.  It was quite busy on the promenade as people like us were making the most of the pleasant weather.  When we reached the Pier Approach we saw a few old cars which we found out were part of a classic car parade just the other side of the pier.  This was organised by a group called Classic Cars on The Prom.

The following photos will show a taste of the cars displayed, a bit difficult at time because of the crowds of people around the cars, although the top two photos it was a bit quieter towards the far end of the line.

They were just super and a nice addition to our walk along the prom.

Have any new year resolutions? Mine would be to cut down on magazines, I am a bit of a maga-holic.  Here's my pile over the past year on the dining table.  I've sorted in piles of Prima mags, knitting mags, patchwork and quilting mags and some embroidery and sewing mags.  I currently have subscriptions on Prima and Fabrications, so will have to think about whether I renew or not.
 Then there was the pile from the bedroom which was bought to add to the ones above (sorry I forgot to rotate the photo, but you get the drift)
 All these Rosemary Conley ones, funny they all have a similar theme.  That's one to go, I think I can get enough recipes (and diets) from this little lot when I get back on the post Christmas diet.
A jolly good sort out and a chucking out session once the recycling collections start next week.

I also have a number of books (doesn't every quilter!) and I may start to have a sort through those too.  I was thinking I may do some book reviews on the blog this year.
After we cleared away the Christmas decorations and getting them up in the loft, giving the place a good vacuum and moving some furniture back to their normal places, I managed a bit of sewing.  I have taken a free Craftsy class called "Bag Making Basics" not for making the bag but the make the zipper pouch.  I'm not that brilliant with inserting a zip into things but following the instructions was quite easy so I gave it a go and this is it
First new start of the New Year.


  1. I'm with you on magazines. They are so attractive but I rarely read them properly - my Christmas issues of Good Housekeeping and Country Living have just gone to a friend. I decided last year that I would cancel my P&Q subscription - and buy more fabric, cancel my Gardeners' World subscription - and buy more plants and resist those lifestyle magazines so that I have spare cash to spend on actually having a life! Good luck with your habit :-)

  2. My bookshelf is full too, so time for a cull, but it's so difficult! They *might* be useful one day!


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