15 January 2013

January Ramblings

Didn't know what to call this post, since I haven't posted for a couple of weeks so time for a good catch up.  I haven't been idle though.  Since the last time I have made a label for my bed settee quilt (the most important part of a quilt, try remembering when you've made something when there isn't one!)

I realised that I hadn't taken a photo of the completed quilt so here it is

And with it's accompanying cushions
Now to try and keep the settee from gathering other stuff, not easy!  This photo will remind me of what my settee should look like!

I've had a recent session of bag making, with this drawstring bag (minus the drawstring, I've got to get some cord), with some funky scooter fabric that I bought from Bramble Patch last summer
I rather liked the selvedge to this fabric, so that's been cut off and saved
Having taken up knitting (will show that in a later post I've made another zipper pouch bag for knitting bits and bobs
A couple of postcards were made but I can't show them just yet, as they are the first of the 2013 birthday swap on the BQLPC postcard group.  However this gives you a clue as to what features on them
He looks a bit drunk, doesn't he? I had a bash at another owl as the Festive Owl was packed away in the Christmas box.

Been to any January sales?  I let the post Christmas rush pass and made a leisurely trip to Castlepoint, a shopping centre in Bournemouth to have a mooch around M&S, Next and Monsoon.  Managed to get a coat, skirt and top from Monsoon.  Seemed to be rather drawn to the skirt which had hexagons and diamond shapes on it, can't think why, anybody would think I was a patchworker!
I went to Hobbycraft at Ferndown and bought a book there, I'd been thinking about buying this for a while and saw it reduced, what a result.
I also found that one of the authors, Jackie Gering, is also a guest on this week's Quilt Show so getting more of an understanding of the modern quilt movement.

I also manage to go to work as well.  I said I hadn't been idle  ;o)


  1. Well... cannot accuse you of being idle xx

  2. Your quilt label is great. I think you could do a tutorial on how you made that label. It would be appreciated by many, including me. I always hand print with permanent ink, but I would love to have a neat, more readable label like yours.

  3. Definitely a busy month and lots to show for it. Your owl is gorgeous. I'm going to watch that video on the Quilt Show too. Looks very interesting.


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