07 March 2013

Bits and Bobs (or Odds and Sods)

Since my last posting life has past in a blur, but I now have a couple of days holiday to use up leave today and tomorrow. The weekend ahead will see a trip to Bristol to see my daughter Sarah for the day.

On Tuesday at work (I work for the Borough of Poole council) I found this by the entrance to the Council Chamber

Not where one would normally see a quilt, so after getting a coffee I went back there  with my phone to take this photo.  This quilt was presented to the Council in 2002 and made by 6 people whose names are listed on the back, but I didn't recognise any of them, so I am wondering whether they are embroiderers rather than specifically quilters.  The main quilt was painted and stitched, hand stitched large seed stitches on the land and the edges of the sea bit was machine stitched but I can't remember how the rest of the sea was stitched. 

The pictures were made separately and may have been stitched over mount board before being appliqued onto the quilt.  They are of, from the top, Coat of Arms for Poole, the memorial to Lord Baden-Powell on Brownsea Island,  (not sure of the white building at the top), The Customs House.  In the middle on the left is the Poole Arms. On the bottom the pottery kilns at Poole Potter (long gone) the entrance gates to Poole Park, some boat rigging, and the RNLI flag (the RNLI headquarters and college are based in Poole). What a find and if I get more information about this quilt I put it on this blog.

Last month I sent out Flying Geese postcards and these are the ones I've received from the swap

From top left clockwise, from Inge, Pauline, Jan and Jacquie.  I enjoy the different interpretations from this block.  I did have 2 to spare from making this so one is in my folder and another went to the lovely Sue from Quilt Times.

Talking of my postcard folder, where I've kept samples and spares, is a handy thing to take with me when people ask about fabric postcards.  I'ts just a plain A5 one with pocket pouches inside

There are also some unfinished postcard tops and thinking that I ought to do some finishing off
Here's one top which was finished off yesterday to show a friend how the postcards are made
 A nice bit of fabric weaving
And used a nice bit of indigo dyed fabric from years ago,  I looked later at that and thinking I should have made a card front out of that, it looks like the sea and sky, why didn't I think of that earlier!  Oh well, it's done now.

 I'm still knitting and am having a go at a moebius cowl, one of those loopy things that goes around the neck.  I got a very basic pattern here with links to You-tube videos for the cast on and the I-cord (was once known as French Knitting to you and me) finish.  I've knitted this up and getting to the end now, so this is what is looks like
It's knitted in Sirdar Click, a double knitting yarn with colour changes and it's funny that my yarn choices, a bit like my thread choices usually seem to the variegated.

As I'm a member of the regional committee of the Quilters Guild and found that another committee member Deborah, has a blog too, Deborah, The Daisychain Quilter.  I see that she's posted a link to here too, thanks Deborah.

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