16 March 2013


Today is International Quilting Day and I am not able to be part of it, sadly.  So whatever you do today I hope today is an enjoyable sewing one.  Being rainy today it would be nice to be in the sewing room and getting stuff done, but I will be visiting relatives so not a stitch will be sewn, but I will be thinking of friends enjoying their day at Sturminster Marshall Village Hall today.

But is has been a sew-y week.  David had spent some time in Yorkshire this week with work, so I had a couple of evenings busying myself.  I was given some remnant fabric of some cute bunnies and matching gingham fabric in (originally in blue) and made 2 nine patch tops but felt they needed to be bigger but didn't have enough of the blue so asked the Bourne Quilters if they had more.  They did and a carrier bag was found on my doorstep one day with more rabbit fabric and assorted coloured ginghams.  I've now made the quilt tops bigger and now making a third top.  So here are my efforts.

 The Boy bunnies - I'd used the blue gingham fabric, but some of the fabric is a bit old and slightly faded so is a bit patchy
The Girl bunnies - one of the gingham pieces, the green was a decent size so decided to unpick the blue square and replace with the green, and as you can see there are a couple of bunnies in green dresses.

And with bits and bobs left over another quilt top is in progress.

I will get some fleece to back these little quilts, so keeping it simple.  They will go to the local Project Linus group.

The New Year resolution didn't last too long.  March has seen a few magazines like this little lot here
(sorry it's sideways)
plus there's The Quilter magazine from the Quilters' Guild (part of the membership) and Fabrications (I subscribe to that one) too.  Oh dear, they are starting to breed again.

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