27 May 2013

Another Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend is another long one, this time for 4 days as David and I have both taken an extra day off tomorrow.

Following last week's visit from the plumber, we have decided on a new toilet and washbasin unit for our bathroom, so after visiting local bathroom suppliers we've found something we like and will order it tomorrow.  So from having white furniture with pale pink (very 80's) basin and toilet we'll have dark brown units with white basin and toilet.

Sunday and today have been pottering around days and it's been lovely to have some sunshine and to take advantage of this with a barbeque yesterday evening.  This week I have been doing some sewing though the ribbon weaving didn't work very well after the large piece was cut into sections and the ribbons frayed or unravelled.  Suffice to say I think this will be ditched.  So I've made some different ribbon and lace cards

The top photo shows the ribbon weaving split into 6.

The next two photos show the individual cards that I made (there are 5 signed up to this group so far,

I also made some birthday postcards for ladies whose birthdays are in June - Irene and Marion

I used some squares of the Japanese charm square pack that I've had so quite some time and dig into now and again.  I dug in a bit more and made a couple more postcard tops and will add some shashiko stitches to them.
The one on the left has a crane, I've just realised I arranged the photo with this upside down, oops.

I also had a go at this article that I saw in a Sewing World magazine from last year using sheer fabrics and free machining. The base fabric had fusible webbing and snippets of sheer fabric trapped under a sheer layer and in rows.  There is some free machining on the top row, though you can't really see it here as well as what you can see from the blue bells and leaves.  Didn't take too long to do, must be getting better at this free machine malarky.

I decided that I'd make this postcard sized too.  I quite enjoyed doing something different. So a productive weekend.

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  1. some lovely stuff there, did you use bondaweb for the ribbon wearing? i want to include ribbon weaving option in a cushion class but it could get very expensive. on bondaweb


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