09 May 2013

Netley Abbey

The second part of the Sunday out, this is a couple of weekends ago now and I had hoped to post earlier than this, but that's time for you.

Here are some photos that I took of this quite atmospheric ruin.  Netley was quite a big abbey until Henry VIII dissolved the Catholic religion, after then it was first ruined it then became a large Tudor mansion house hence the brickwork around the ruin. More about this site here.

The wallflowers were growing wild in amongst the ruins
Looking through the arches from the main church
Trying a "Carly style" tilted photo
More wallflowers a lovely splash of colour against the grey stone.

Bluebells are just appearing at this time so took a photo of those around the base of the tree
Just across the road from the site is Southampton Water
What a contrast from historic site to the modern commercial port, this car transporter ship just leaving the docks.

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  1. That ruined abbey looks wonderful, and I love how the flowers and plants move it and contrast with the stone.


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