25 February 2014

Half Term Break

I don't work in a school, but my sister-in-law does so her and my brother-in-law's holidays are normally taken in the school holidays. So for this half term break David and I went with them to Paignton in Devon from Wednesday to Saturday.

Thursday we had to visit a heritage railway. This is the Dart Valley Railway which runs from Paignton to Kingswear, then there is a ferry across the Dart River to Dartmouth.

The engine, Lydham Manor, one of GWR's Manor class engines

The observation coach, which had an interesting history, which was at the rear of the train as we travelled to Kingswear.

Didn't take many photos in Dartmouth, but it is a very quaint town. I could not resist taking photos of daffodils

Aren't they a lovely sight?

A view back to the town from the quayside. You can see what a brilliant sunny day it was, sunny though cold, but nice to be out and about.

We bought this from a touristy shop, David couldn't resist this

A little birdhouse (sorry too good for birdies) but not too sure where to put this at present. It does look so cheery.

More photos to come soon

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