11 February 2014

Too Busy Sewing

I can't believe how quickly this year is going already, although I can't wait for Spring to arrive and drier weather with it.  We are very lucky that in this area while there is some flooding it's not as bad as some areas in the country for whom it is catastrophic.

Rainy days mean that I don't get far apart from going to work, so have been busy sewing.  As well as the mug rugs for the Winter Olympic Swap (can't show that yet, I must get that sent off) I have been making a couple of blocks for a quilt along from Sew At Home Mummy called Classic meets Modern Quilt Along.  One, the Bear Paw block went very well, but a little less well is the Amethyst block.  Think I may need to hand sew into the Y seams, a good job I left lengths of thread after machining the block together.

This is the Bear Paw block

Amethyst block (looks good from the top but a bit untidy underneath (but you don't see that, do you)

While having breakfast last week I was looking at another blog and linking to another and I came across a cushion with half square triangles arranged in a heart.  I since found out the site was called Fort Worth Fabric Studio, linked through The Crafty Quilter's "Sew Thankful Sunday" posting. I decided to draw this out and took a photo to email to a friend
(this was from my iPad and you will not imagine what a fuss there was trying to upload this onto the computer to put this on the blog! The wonders of modern technology ;o(  )

I worked on this cutting and sewing (using 2.5" squares) on Saturday afternoon at the Sewing Saturday group and made one heart.  Going so well I made another on Sunday, later it became a table runner.

Sunday evening the binding was sewn down, threads tidied and all done.  Must be a record for me to get something finished so quickly.

This coming week I will be at the textile art class on Friday so will hopefully progress my landscape picture a bit further.

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  1. GORGEOUS! I think your amethyst block looks nice! You're right, you don't see the bottom side ;)


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