10 August 2014

Back From Festival of Quilts

I came back last night from a couple of days away at the Festival of Quilts.  Although I enjoy my time there it can be overwhelming, where do you go, what to look at, so has to be done in chunks which usually works for me.

I went on the train with a some friends from Sewing Saturday - Brenda, Donna and Grace, which made a change from how I've travelled before and stayed overnight in a Travelodge near Birmingham. Previous years I've gone by car with David coming to Birmingham with me, but David felt he'd had enough of finding places to go while I was at the Festival.  It was a great time with Brenda meeting up and staying at the hotel with her sister and her friends so we had a lovely time of show and tell on the Friday evening. Made on occasion of the stay up there.

On Friday afternoon I met up with Benta, her friend Jackie and also Margaret, all bloggers and lovely to see them all.  I didn't bump into anyone I knew on Saturday, but I think I just wanted to fit in as much as I could, that I probably didn't look!

I had booked a couple of quick and easy workshops, on Friday afternoon was the Sumptuous Surfaces one run by Laura from Colourcraft.  Here are my samples

The top sample used 3d fabric medium on bubble wrap pressed onto Lutrador which had some spray paints and distressed with a heat gun. Below those pieces the fabric medium was painted onto Evolon and wooden stamps pressed into the medium, spray painted and dried with heat gun.

The bottom sample was a piece of Evolon with Markel Sticks rubbed over rubbing plates. The spray paint was sprayed on the reverse side and shows through the fabric. Underneath that was the state of a piece of kitchen towel after all that.  It was great fun and influenced my purchases yesterday.

The workshop I did yesterday was Layered Landscapes with Catherine Lawes, a member of the Contemporary Quilters.  

Her photo is on the right with my sample on the left. Using some base fabric and layers of chiffons/organzas to make a sunrise landscape to fit a small frame/card, which would need a bit of a finish off, but enjoyable.

This wasn't really a workshop but a little have a go session by the Guild of Silk Painters to paint a card.  One small girl enjoyed the painting so much she went back to do another painting.

That was quite relaxing at nearly the end of a tiring day.

Some freebies

Some books (and a calendar)

More purchases

And a. It more
A bit nondescript looking but is a tiny yellow print on a bolt end for backing the Tubix quilt.  I did want something bolder but couldn't see what I wanted.  With 5 metres there's plenty with at least a metre to spare, which lol come in useful.

So Festival done and dusted for another year.  I'll get my camera photos uploaded and share more later this week.


  1. Your layered landscape and silk painting are beautiful. I'm really sorry I missed you yesterday but I was flying round like a headless chicken too :-)

  2. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself. I love your landscape card and look forward to seeing what you do with the rest of your purchases.

  3. Glad to see you did your bit to help the economy!!! it was lovely to see you again: glad we arranged to meet uo as i never saw you anywhere else


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