03 August 2014

So I Made a Bag

Can someone have too many bags? I have decided to give some away that I've never used, but that's beside the point.

I had a couple of orphan blocks dating from I'm not sure when, but an article in Popular Patchwork in 2000 probably dates these at least 10 - 14 years old and it shows how much my fabric taste has changed.  I probably wouldn't use the dark greens and there was also a lot of Debbie Mumm fabrics around at the time I made this block and she hasn't designed fabric for years as well as the Rose and Hubble fabrics that haven't been around for a long time too. So here it is the bag

The pattern is a type of stained glass patchwork called "Trad Jazz" the pattern is by Sharon Garrick.  I added a green/red batik border around these blocks to make the bag pieces.

Here are both sides below

The blocks were about 8.75" square which I think were due to the strips joining the 4 small blocks together. From what I remember the pattern was drawn onto freezer paper and 6 squares of fabric were layered on top of each other with the freezer paper ironed onto the top fabric and cut through all the layers through the pattern lines.  The fabrics were then juggled around so there was a different fabric in each piece and ironed onto Vilene to (sort of) hold in place. Bias strips were sewn on to hide the raw edges and hold down the pieces and lastly the squares joined together by the straight strips.

I had a small square 6.5" of wonky log cabin, which judging by the fabric was made around a similar time to which I added a batik fabric to make a slightly bigger square to make a pocket. A bag has to have a pocket.

And here it is inside the bag
Last night I finished off the thread ends, just have to close up the bag lining and done. That only took Friday afternoon and Saturday morning to do. Nice to do something quick and easy.  This will go towards the charity stall later this month, so it won't be adding to my bag collection, but to someone else's.


  1. you just proved that ... there is NO such thing as too many bags xx

  2. Fabulous use of those fabrics, what colours!


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