13 September 2014

Bonus Sewing Time

Now that I've been working full time for the past few weeks, my sewing time is a bit limited now. I'm having to make time for it and the way forward would be to decide on an evening at least once a week to sew.  It's just too easy with the autumn evenings to settle in front of the telly after dinner and surf on my iPad, then I get a bit annoyed that I've wasted the evening.

Anyway, this week I had a second interview with a local company that runs a payroll bureau and... I got the job!  I will be finishing my temp job in 2 weeks and starting my new one the Monday after.  It will be a new challenge as I've not done bureau work before, but should be interesting.

Having taken the day off so as not to be panicking about time, as I also had to go to Bournemouth to see the agency that put me forward for the post. I had an afternoon to sew.  Remember the quilt I demolished last month?  Well here's one quilt out of that.  I kept the middle section and rejigged the border fabric.  I've taken a photo and it looks quite good.

Well the iPad photo isn't too brill but so here's another one from a different angle

That's better.

It's a bit wider that a width of fabric so something will have to be inserted to make it wider.  Another design opportunity, and will have to thing about that one this weekend.

Suggestions for the other 2 strips from the original quilt top was to add Flying Geese.  I am thinking of deconstructing further and taking the blocks apart, swapping over and adding more to make a nine block quilt with narrow first border, flying geese border and maybe a third border.  Now, unstitching is something I can do in front of the telly without wasting time!

I also took the opportunity this week to make a block for Judith of Just Jude's Bee Blessed blocks.  For September it's a boat block, so here's my bateau

A lovely quick bit of sewing.

Have a good weekend.


  1. What brilliant news about the job. Congratulations.

  2. The quilt us looking great, and congrats on the job x


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