06 September 2014

Saturday Morning in Poole

Nothing unusual about that, I live in Poole (well on the outskirts), but this morning I took in a bit of culture and visited the Museum, not having been there for years.  To my surprise its FREE! I'll be visited there a bit more often now.

On the 3rd floor there is a display of Poole Pottery, from when Carters Tiles (which later became Pilkingtons) started in the mid 1800s up to when the pottery items took over from tiles and to almost modern day. I checked the museum leaflet which said that photography was allowed, so I've a few photos to share.

I'm not sure when the top tiled picture was made, but the bottom one was made about 1930 by Edward Bawden and was in the tearoom at the Pottery.

I also took some photos of vases made around 1930s and designed by Truda Carter, one of the pottery designers of the time.

And I loved these typically 1950's designed plates (they're about as old as me!)

And theres a lovely roof top view from the museum's coffee shop up the High Street

And to the Quay
More info about the Museum here.

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