14 December 2014

Another Episode of Grand Illusions

This morning was spent sewing the third part of the Grand Illusions mystery quilt and more blocks from  part two.  This third part required 2" squares of green and neutral blocks with a black square to make a rectangle of eight squares. See the photo below. Along with block one I've made 10 blocks.

Below is another arrangement of these blocks

As I only made 5 blocks of part 2 last week I've made another 5 to go with the original group.

And here are all the blocks so far, although I've found after I took the photo that I left a couple behind, never mind.

Later today David and I went to Kingston Lacy, late afternoon as it was getting dark to see the illuminated walk.

Trees take on a bit of a creepy look when lit, but a lot of people were around to see the gardens lit up and to bring children to visit Father Christmas in the Shepherd's Hut.

If only christmas was more about lovely lights I'd enjoy it more. This was really beautiful and the photos don't do justice.

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