10 April 2015

Coming Home

Last weekend we spent Good Friday taking a van to Bristol to load up most of Sarah's belongings to bring back to Poole to a storage unit near us. With the help of her friends who came up from Dorset furniture was taken apart, boxes were filled and packed which all went inside the van easily. 

Sarah came with David and I back to Poole in the evening to unpack the van on Saturday, together with our son, Alex and more of Sarah's friends to help.  Sarah returned to Bristol on Sunday to finish her last shifts at hospital, moreorless camping in what remains in her flat until tomorrow.  I'm taking the trip back to Bristol to collect her and the rest of her belongings, leaving the flat she's lived in for almost 10 years.

She starts her new job on Monday and which will be such a change from working in the NHS and in a hospital. She will be out and about in the community, so see how things go.

Meanwhile, the journey in the van last Friday and travelling through Somerset gave me the opportunity to stop at a quilt shop, Midsomer Quilting, just a bit north of Shepton Mallet. A lovely quilt shop and a handy break in the journey, I hadn't been there for a few years and noticed how much the shop has expanded to include a workroom and long arm machine and more space for fabric.

So it would have been rude not to buy some fabric

I like these Aboriginal inspired fabrics by Makower

A couple of pieces from the bargain shelf.

Some seaside inspired fabrics too.

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