23 June 2015

Sandown and Other Bits

On Saturday I went with the Bourne Quilters to The National Quilt Championships at Sandown Racecourse in Surrey.  It's nothing like the size of Festival of Quilts so is quite manageable to get around to see the competition quilts and displays by quilt artists, as well as exchange quilts between groups in Germany and UK.  Together with traders, both the usual ones, such as Doughty's and Kaleidoscope, to newer traders, there was quite a variety of things to buy.

I enjoy the break for lunch, where one can sit on the grandstand and enjoy seeing the things going on in the area, the nearby railway, planes heading for Heathrow, and if the sky was a little clearer you can see the tall buildings in London.  I could just about see the Shard.

Here are my purchases.  Quite modest as I didn't need a lot, managed to avoid buying books, nothing jumped out as a must have.

I was intrigued by some of these fancy zips, so as I've taken to sewing zips into things I'd give these a go.  A purse frame, see if I can make another purse without pulling the clip apart! Calico  - 5 metres should last me  - I think I might use some as a toile for dressmaking.  Underneath is a panel of Advent Christmas stockings, don't know why I needed to get this Christmas still 6 months away, but the way this year is going.....

When I got home this lovely package was waiting for me from Benta

Some Sweet Sixteen blocks. Lovely!

Here they are with my blocks

I was just going make a cushion, but I can see me making more of them, with some large squares in between.  I'll have a look through the stash and see what will go well with them.

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  1. If you like to see the planes you should come and sit in my garden! Every 3 minutes another one goes over!

    Plum has done a sweet sixteen and large block quilt - really effective x


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