28 June 2015

When your Sewing Room Looks as Good as This....

....who needs to sew? 😉

Seriously, there's not been a lot going on this week on the sewing front and I must have a jolly good sort out during the evenings this week.

So yesterday, taking advantage of summer weather, David and I went to Stourhead, NT property in Wiltshire, just an hour's drive from home.  We went via Wimborne and saw Quarterjack Quilters excellent exhibition.  David took some photos

Some individual and group quilts. The one in the big picture are images of Wimborne, each members made a block. I also liked the Christmas items in the top right, large Christmas puddings made of Somerset. Folded Patchwork.

They'd also made some small picture quilts on the theme of 'The World is my Garden' challenge.

That's just fourth of, I think, about a dozen quilts, with descriptions but nothing to reveal the maker and the visitors had to vote for their favourite. Funnily enough there were two of Colmers Hill, just outside Bridport. must be a welcome sign that ones in Dorset.

We went on to Stourhead but on the way stopped at a village, Tollard Royal, that was holding a Scarcrow Festival. We had to stop to investigate further and finish our trail around the village with a cup of tea and piece of cake.

The villagers did do rather well, don't you think?

On to Stourhead at last, got there about lunchtime and the afternoon saw us walking around the large lake there and admiring the landscaped gardens.  Lovely architecture too, with the grotto, Parthenon and Aphrodite's Temple

Here's a pic of David, trying out his new camera. 
Just a lovely place to visit.

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  1. Looks like a great day out!

    PS don't know if you ever comment on your own posts (why would you?) but there is a "prove you're not a robot" box to tick . . . But it quite happily seems to send my comment even if I don't tick!!!


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