12 December 2015

Christmas Stockings

Now that birthdays and our anniversary are over David and I can get down to the serious business of Christmas.  It's unfortunate that family celebrations also take place as Christmas approaches and having to cram everything at once.  But the present shopping is mostly done, just the food shopping to do and we sat down this afternoon to write the cards so things are pretty calm. 

I've not done much sewing as last weekend our granddaughters came to stay so my room as cleared so the sofa bed could be used.  During the week though I started making Christmas stockings ....for work!!

Where I work my colleagues are mad about Christmas and started a Christmas countdown since 1st September and there have been mince pie tastings every Friday morning since October.  The M&S star topped ones have been the most popular so far.  They've also decorated the office and this large inflatable snowman has been sitting next to my desk.

(That's my filing tray and phone at the front of the picture)

There is a pillar in the office which has been turned into a chimney and boxes have been collected to make a fireplace.  The stockings are to go on the fireplace.

Here's the pattern that I made from an A4 piece of paper. Using the stitch and flip method I sewed strips of Christmas fabric for the front of the stockings with Happy Christmas fabric on the back (though I haven't taken a photo of the backs). Here's the first one

And I completed the second one today
I quite enjoyed making them, even though it was something I wasn't keen on making. It also used up some Christmas fabric too.

Also had Advent stockings that (ahem) didn't make Advent.  I've hand sewn the tops and added ribbon tags, but I've now got to get some more ribbon.

I hope your Christmas arrangements are going well.


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