30 December 2015

What Day Is It Today?

It's Wednesday, but with the Christmas holidays it's easy to lose track of the days.  I hope that wherever you are you had a good Christmas.

Our Christmas Day was going to be spent at David's brother's in Surrey, Boxing Day at home with children and grandchildren, then a couple of days in Cornwall to see Christmas lights at Mousehole harbour, all planned out, except apart from Boxing Day it didn't happen. And the visit to David's brother happened on Sunday instead. My Mum had been ill for a while with what was a cold, possibly flu and she put us off visiting in case we got it the Sunday before Christmas and on Christmas Eve.  But by Christmas Day morning I heard the answering machine bleep with a message from my sister that Mum had been taken to A&E at Bournemouth Hospital with breathing difficulties.

Since then Mum Is still in hospital having had a set back with her recovery, but is still a bit weak and it may take a while to regain her strength.  My sister, Wen, is staying with my Dad (who is in his 90's) who has some difficulties of his own as he is getting more frail.  I have to admit she is more capable than me in looking after them, she will just get on with it, whereas I would wonder if I am doing the right thing and just feel helpless. 

So not much sewing to show today as there's not been much time for it and my room has been taken up with Christmas stuff, presents before and boxes and containers for decorations and wrapping paper after.  I decided I would make some notebook covers but just made the one, right before the holidays so may save (in not too safe a place) for next Christmas or maybe birthdays during the year.

And pocket inside the flap. The notebook is a spiral bound A5 size from Wilkinsons.

Remember the postcard I made last month?

This was for a swap and was sent beginning of December to Joe.  I received this lovely red work postcard from Bobbie.

Lovely, isn't it.

Last but not least.....

Wishing you all the best for 2016


  1. I hope your mum makes a full recovery very soon. Have a good New Year Sue.

  2. Hope is on the mend. I love the selvedge page marker, great idea! Happy new year xx


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