18 March 2016

Corfe Castle

Want some lovely Spring pics?  We had a Monday afternoon off and took ourselves to Corfe Castle, a National Trust property in the village of the same name, between Wareham and Swanage.  David is no stranger to Corfe as he does some portering turns at the Swanage Railway, a heritage line which runs through the village, but there are no trains running until next week when it's the Easter holiday. It was a gorgeous sunny day, though with a sharp breeze.

For those not familiar, I should mention that the castle is a ruin. From the top of the hill on which the castle remains stand there are some spectacular views. This one is looking across the harbour to Poole, the White-ish buildings in the background.
Looking down towards the entrance and the village.
Zooming in on Corfe Castle station, no trains today, though. Not a bad photo considering I was using my iPhone!

Got to do a selfie!

After some tea in the NT tea room we wandered to the model village to see if it was open as we've not visited that before. Half price offer this week (I guess it won't be next week being holiday time) we went in and had a wander round. Gorgeous small garden with a model of the village

That's what the castle would have looked like in the 17th century before the English Civil War.

A view of the village up to the church.
A few of the model castle with the real one showing behind the trees.
A few from the back of the model with the real castle behind. You may just notice a bit of blue peeking from behind the wall of the model, where there is a model Tardis!

In the model village there is a model - of the model village!

Walking around the garden I spotted a robin having a splashing time in the little stream, just caught it at the right moment. It wasn't the only bird life in the garden as we saw several sparrows and heard a woodpecker in the nearby woods.

I'm glad we didn't take any children with us!

Lastly, on our walk back to the car going past the castle I could not resist taking a photo of the Soay sheep grazing on the (real) castle mound.

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  1. I love model villages, we used to take the kids to one in beaconsfield, Lovely to do that and the castle in one day


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