19 March 2016

International Quilting Day 2016

At the beginning of this year I suggested to the Bourne Quilters to have a sewing day for International Quilting Day. I showed them a sample of a Quilt As You Go block, so that no one person has the task of layering and quilting a whole quilt.  

They were enthusiastic and the school were happy for us to meet on the Saturday, so arrangements were made to get backing fabric (supplied by Freda), I bought wadding. Val came over to my house yesterday to cut up fabric while I cut up wadding squares.  Val also made cakes for today which were really nice.

As the school where we meet is a special school the hall is small we could only invite a few people to join us so in all 16 people came, but not all sewed.  Carol, one of our members, loves ironing and was happy to iron all the blocks before they were trimmed.   Another, Janet, was cutting lots of strips to keep us going. On one quilt the blocks are joined in rows and the rows are to be joined and the whole quilt bound. This is a boy quilt

I wasn't too sure whether we needed 25 blocks (5 x 5) or 16 (4 x 4), but we settled for 20 (5 x 4). There are some blocks left over, so those will be made into pouches, which can be used for charity sales.

The second quilt is a girl one, for which 16 backs were cut, but somehow or other one went astray so ended with 15 completed blocks. The bright green batik fabric (donated to Project Hope by Audrey) they were lying on will be used as binding strips on front and back. Val will be finishing off this quilt.
Because they are less blocks there will be a border around this.

Not a bad day's work and a nice bit of chatter catching up with friends, which is what quilting is all about. The quilts will be going to Project Hope as lap quilts to be given to guests at the Youth Cancer Trusts hotel - the link here http://www.youthcancertrust.org/

I hope you've had a good quilting day today.

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