25 June 2016

Quilt finds new home (hopefully)

This is a quilt that has been hanging around for a while and although it looked completed I wanted to enhance it by quilting around the animals in the printed panels. That never happened.  It does look good as it is with minimal quilting so I decided this morning it should find a new home and it will be donated to the local Project Linus.

This jungle panel was a win at a raffle two years ago (could be three?) with a couple of matching fat quarters. I had the perfect backing fabric in my stash which was a donation of fabric given to Barnsley Creative Embroiderers (so that's going back a few years too)

The colours matched well together and I sewed the panels, some were printed a bit skew and so had to juggle this to make it look straight even if it wasn't. (more about that on this post 2 years ago, here).

After ironing the front and back and checking that there were no loose threads I took the quilt to hang on the washing line in the garden but there was still some shadow and the photos taken turned out dark.

Came indoors but draped over a chair wasn't that brilliant either
But it was a good size to go on my (cleared) floor in my sewing room to take the perfect picture at the top of this post.

The quilt is 36.5" square, just a nice size for a Linus Quilt. And some lovely jungle animals for a child to discover, nice and cheery.

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  1. Lovely to see this again- really gorgeous! x


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