30 October 2016

Adding to Stash

This month there's been a couple of events that have lead to fabric purchases. It's silly but I don't need to add to an already large (for me) stash. I know there are people out the who have got larger stashes than me, but I am limited by space. While I am working I might as well spend because when the work stops I might not have the finances!

A couple of weeks ago Sewing Saturday, promoting sewing and fabric shops, which I think is organised by one of the sewing magazines, lead me to go to Christchurch.  There is an online business, called My Sewing Box, had an open day in a small office complex near the station. Run by two ladies they sell a small range of fabrics, yarn and haberdashery from their website. They use social media and I learned of their open day through Facebook. I bought some Christmas fabric from there.
I couldn't resist the owls in the top fabric.

Nearby in Bargates there is another sewing shop, The Little Sewing Company, which has a variety of craft fabrics and haberdashery and they also run sewing lessons.  I may book to do an introduction to dressmaking one in the future to gain more confidence in dressmaking, which I've not done for years.  Here I bought some Makower fabric, Radiance, which I could not resist.

Lovely, wonder what I'll use that far? Maybe I'll just stroke the fabric for now.

Not far from there is a new wool shop, They Crafty Knitter, which was probably needed after the long established one in the town, Honora, closed.  This is a lovely airy shop and their yarns nicely displayed and I bought a couple of balls of multicoloured yarn for my Mum as she wanted to try out the Corner to Corner crochet that was in a recent Crochet Now magazine.

But yesterday was another fabric opportunity. I needed to get some fabrics to add to my Splendid Sampler Collection as some are running out as I've usually bought fat quarters, but that's to the variety in the blocks.  Doughty's were at New Milton yesterday so went their with Mum and she wanted to get some backing fabrics for the Linus quilts that she makes. Perhaps we were fabric-ced out as Mum felt a little disappointed by the choice and I bought a bit too
I went for the green and white/red along with the cream and mustard dotty fabrics to go with the Splendid Sampler fabrics and I may use the grey/white spot too.  I bought the sausage dog and the rust/grey ones to add to stash.

In a couple of weeks I go on a trip to the West Country Quilt Show. See what happens there.  I must seriously go on a stash diet next year!


  1. Good of you to do your bit to boost the economy!!!!

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