05 October 2016

One Little Sheep

Weekend before last was Yarndale at Skipton. I couldn't go (I will one day) but contributed by sending a crochet sheep to Skipton as part of a fundraiser for the local hospice.  Apparently over 700 sheep were received from individuals and groups and from different countries.

I found my sheep amongst several pictures on Pinterest by searching for Yarndale Sheep and spotted mine quite easily. Please excuse the screenshot that I took on my iPad of Lucy's photo. Mine is second from right, second row up. There were some really fantastic sheep, a lot of imagination was put into them.  

Here she is again.

From reading about Yarndale from Lucy at Attic 24's post about the event (do pop over and have a look), I also found there was a list of the contributors from which I took a screenshot here
No 359, that's me. I did look to see if there were any other Sue's in Dorset, but no there isn't so that's definitely my sheep listed.

Good to know she was received safe and sound and hopefully has gone to a new home. Good to have done my bit to help charity funds. 

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