18 December 2016

16 Years in the Making

Years ago I used to do cross stitch.  The pictures I made became larger and more intricate but then quilting took over and this piece got left.  I originally stitched this on Aida fabric but didn't like it so stitched again on this even weave fabric and I preferred the blue background.  I started the embroidery in 2000.  I have the receipt to prove it - to buy some of the threads that I didn't have to stitch it.

The pattern was in a sorry state too. It had been folded and unfolded so many times that I had taped it but over the years the tape deteriorated, leaving yellow marks on the pattern.  This was kept it a plastic  document pouch.


I think the reason why it was left was because there are so many different but similar shades of the dark blues and reds in the skirts that I became disoriented.  Anyway, roll on 16 years and my Mum asked if the embroidery was still around.  It was and she took it on along with the threads. There was only one shade of the dark blue that was needed but the dye lot of that number thread was slightly different but she blended strands of old an new thread to make that less noticeable.

So here it is, The Quitmaker. 

She did a fantastic job and it was returned to me for washing and framing.  I won't do anything just now as I will get the Christmas holidays out of the way and look for mount and frame to finish in the New Year.

Thank you Mum.


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  2. That's beautiful! Well done mum!


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