03 January 2017

New Year, New Quilt

With all the UFOs, sampler blocks and other bits and bobs, it would make sense to get something finished off.  Oh no, not me.  I decided to make something new.  A few months back, in September, I bought a Frivols tin by Moda and decided to have a go at making a quilt from the instructions and fabric within.

The tin contained 42 7" squares of Little Miss Sunshine fabric line, together with a card of instructions to make a quilt top adding some yardage of background fabric.  Also in the tin is another card with a saying and instructions for an additional quilt block (not related to the quilt top to be made) and a little adult colouring booklet.

This isn't a good picture, but showing how I like to work, I like to chain piece and as you can just see a chain of pieces blocks draping from my machine and piling up on the floor!

I laid the pieces out on the bed to get an idea of how it looks. This was mid afternoon.
I then made the flying geese blocks which were joined by the short sides with a strip of background fabric to one side of each strip. This was late afternoon.
I might have got a quilt top made however I hit a snag.  I ran out of background fabric and there should be a narrow inside border made with this.  I have a solution though, instead if going out and buying more I have a long quarter of a fabric print which will tone in and might just do the job.  

I've got one more day at home as instead of going back today and taking my usual Wednesday off I've swapped the day.  Got a few other household bits to catch up on but hope to have a bit of quality sewing time later.

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