28 January 2017

Bit of a Catch Up

It's a nice quiet Saturday morning so I thought I would do a quick blog post.  The last couple of weeks I've suffered this cold/flu/lurgy and although I spent this week at work after being off work the previous week it's not been easy.  The week I was off I ached all over and felt very lethargic and this week I my head still felt stuffed up and not feeling brilliant at all. So it's been a struggle and dosing myself up with paracetamol and decongestant spray.  

A bit of knitting and crochet has been my solace through this time as I've not done much sewing.  To huddle down with a bit of handwork that I can pick up and put down when I feel like it. So I've carried on with Isobel's clown and there are lots of little bits which I've kept contained in a polybag. Plus I've knitted the body too.
Just a tad bright, but brightens up a gloomy day.

I also crocheted a cupcake, a pattern from Crochet Now magazine, when watching a video one afternoon. I've displayed this on a cake stand which was a Christmas present along with the first daffodils bought this year.

The little bit of sewing I've done is this little cactus embroidery that my work colleague had as a magazine free gift from Molly Makes.  The design was a little larger than the tiny hoop frame. There were two frames and enough fabric to make the embroideries and I've checked the second one that I make will fit nicely inside the second frame. 

Two weeks ago on a really dreary Sunday I took the coach to Farnham, Surrey, which has a one day quilter's fabric sale.  There can be lots of fabrics to be had and I did buy quite a bit.  The Wednesday before I also visited local quilt shop Cherry Tree fabrics and bought a few pieces there too.  In the picture below is my haul of various sizes of fabric from yardage (red spotted fabric for the dolly dress up quilt) to quarters, eighths and possibly 16ths of metre lengths. So much for using what I've got!

Today is my daughter Sarah's birthday.  She's 36 today and it makes me wonder where those years have gone!  She and her fianc√© Andy are spending a few days in Yorkshire. This photo below was taken when we visited the Chelsea Flower Show last year.

Happy birthday Sarah.

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  1. Your Daffodils remind me that Spring is just around the corner. The good thing about crafting is it makes you sit and relax which should speed up your recovery. Take care now. Marion x


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