11 February 2017

Can't Do It All

Recently, since before the New Year there have been various posts on my Facebook and Instagram feeds about planners/organisers, etc for crafters/quilters to plan their projects for the year ahead.  One I've looked at a couple of them, both American, together with the cost of journal and shipping it became very expensive and I couldn't justify the cost.  So I have to say to myself that as I can't craft everyday I'm not going to be able to keep up with the journal and could end up with an expensive journal with not a lot in it.  I usually do what I can when I can and try to fit in something crafty of some sort each day.

So I compromised with a project book like the type sold to students with tabs which I can divide for quilting, knitting and crochet projects.  There are no dates, so I write in my aims for the month (which may or may not be completed) and can write in that month what I've managed to do, so my progress is measurable. At least I can say I've done something even if I haven't done a lot. 

I think the cover looks pretty and it stays near my cutting mat so I do see this every time I go in my room.  Anyway I hope it can help keep tabs on what I'm doing.

Another thing to help me is a little light box that David has made me from an ice cream carton and Perspex top and it has a cut out hole to slide my LED work light underneath. 
Proper light boxes are fairly big and I don't do many big projects that need tracing, so this will do the trick hopefully, especially with some of the embroidered Splendid Sampler blocks still to make. I've used this today to place some applique pieces onto a dark fabric background and it's worked well.

As I'm progressing well with the clown knitting that I'm doing, most of the body is sewn and stuffed and there's a lot of little bits and bobs to go with him, so he's coming along, so I treated myself to one of the Attic 24 Stylecraft yarn packs from Wool Warehouse.  I have to say that the pack arrived really quickly, and was nicely packed in an organza bag.  Doesn't look so neat in the pic was believe me it was.
There is also a pattern with the yarn, but I got it out to look at and I should have put it back in the bag. Needless to say I didn't and it's walked so will have to download the instructions. How silly! Anyway I can't start this until I've finished the clown. I keep looking at the yarn though, it is tempting me to make a start.  I must resist!

What I've done this afternoon this afternoon and evening has been to make up one of The Bramble Patch's Box of Delights kits and this one was January's.  This contained a charm square pack of Poppy Mae fabric and backing (for which the Lightbox came in handy). The pattern was this lovely poppy wall hanging.

This has brightened up what's been a grey day today.  When the photo was taken I'd fused the applique pieces onto the background, but later this evening I sewed them down.

That's another entry in the project book.

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  1. The poppy is lovely and the light box is inspired! Well done David!


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