26 April 2017

A Finish!

My Cosy Stripe blanket was finished yesterday evening and has taken me nearly 2 months to complete, having started on 1st March.  To recap, this was a yarn and pattern pack from Wool Warehouse with the pattern designed by Lucy of Attic 24. The yarn is Stylecraft Special acrylic double knit. The blanket has a four row pattern consisting of 2 rows of continuous trebles and 2 rows of Granny treble clusters.  Colours, of which there were 15 were changed every 2 rows.  I didn't do all 90 colour changes as instructed in the pattern but stopped at 75 instead, which was large enough for me.

This was the first few rows.

The border came next and the photo above shows the first border row.  I had to change colour choice from the pattern and used Khaki as the Copper didn't go all the way around the blanket.  I kept to the colours for the second and third rows, but changed again for the fourth and final border and chose the lighter Lime colour instead of Willow, which had a slightly yellow tone to it.

I'm really pleased how it's turned out. It was certainly lovely and warm working on this while it was draped over my lap and its certainly colourful.

Last week I bought another yarn pack from Wool Warehouse, this time I've got some Scheepjes yarn in preparation for a new Crochet a Long (CAL) in Crochet Now magazine designed by Sandra Paul, Cherry Heart which starts next month.


  1. That is a really lovely blanket Sue. It looks like it will last forever and be a family favourite for many years to come. I love it ! Marion x

  2. Love the bright colours! Well done


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