09 May 2017

Some May Stuff

Last weekend has been a busy one but still a little time to sew.  I caught up with a February subscription box from The Bramble Patch.  I had a job to keep up with monthly boxes, though lovely surprises of fabrics and pattern, few bits and bobs but with my own projects too it got all too much and had to stop.  So this is what I made

From a lovely collection of coastal themed fabrics from Makower, the pack of the seaside town fabric with eighths of others to make this cushion.  I used the wavy decorative stitch on my machine to quilt it.  There are small pieces of fabric to make another front but will have to use some of my stash to make the back, but that's no problem.  This was quick to put together in the end, just an afternoon. Why didn't I make this sooner?

Progress was made with the crochet tea cosy that was in the making last week, another finished item!

Here it is modelled by my blue teapot

and in use last Thursday evening

This was a pattern from Crochet Now magazine issue 14

As I'm getting more into knitting and crochet I'm using Ravelry more and if you want to follow me I'm on there as suewilduk.  I've been to logging my projects there and following a few online groups.

I've watched quite a few You Tube vlogs (or podcasts) of several knitters and crocheters.  The latest word I've come across is bi-stitchual - one who knits and crochets.  I've enjoyed learning new techniques in both disciplines.  These are the ones I'm currently following

Crafternoon Treats  - Katherine, a crocheter from Yorkshire who also does yarn dyeing with locally spun yarn.  She also has some short tutorial videos too.

Cherry Heart - Another crocheter and pattern designer Sandra also has tutorials on her blog and also is the designer for the new CAL coming up soon in Crochet Now

Sew Sweet Violet - Jools who sews, crochets and knits (mainly socks - theres a growing sock collection!)

Simply in Stitches - I've recently discovered this knitting tutorial podcast presented by Tina who has demonstrated sock knitting using short circular needles and is currently working on a top down knitted jumper.

It's so easy to get carried away with iPad in hand and using earphones to "waste" time watching You Tube!

Over on Instagram (I'm identified there as @suewilduk) some lovely crochet inspiration has come from The Patchwork Heart who has made some lovely colourful blankets and I loved the Beautiful Shells pattern that I had a go too, so this is my sample.  Not sure yet if it will get bigger....

I've been typing this on the computer this evening, hence all the links, which I can't put on when composing this on the Blogger app on the iPad.

David and I are going away this for a week's holiday from this Saturday.  Going to Malvern Spring Garden show and then back to Malvern the end of next week for Quilts UK.


  1. What a pretty, fresh cushion cover. I had a lady in hospital with me who was a knitter and crocheted so had plenty to talk about. I even helped her by starting a granny square off for her as she couldn't quite get her fingers to work that finely to begin with. She was over the moon. I guess we could be classed as Tri-stitchers if we crochet, knit and sew :-)


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