17 September 2017

Great British Quilter

This month see's the start of the Great British Bake Off in it's new home on Channel 4, which has been watched every week along with BBC's Celebrity Masterchef, which we've also followed.  On Instagram is the #greatbritishquilter. This has been run by Sarah Ashford of Sarah Ashford Studio and Sydney Rose of Sydney Rose Designs and can find this here .   Here are a few pics from this challenge as I've tried to keep up with most days, but not all.

Day 1 was an introduction.  I couldn't help but show off my FoQ t-shirt

Day 2 My Favourite (Bricks and Mortar) Quilt Shop - The Bramble Patch.  I collaged a few pieces from the Box of Delights projects that I subscribed to last year. I do visit the shop when the opportunity arises.

Day 5 My First Quilt - that was a Drunkard's Path cushion.  As I said in my post 'nothing complicated'!!

Day 7 - My Favourite Book.  Well these are books, but now printed as one volume, the Lynne Edwards Sampler Quilt books.

Day 11 - How Do I Take My Tea.  Essential in the construction of quilts!  Here's my pic mine and David's (guess the mug!) with our Yorkshire Tea caddy.  That was even liked by Yorkshire Tea!

And todays (Day 17) - Favourite British Designer. With the influence of so many American designs its reassuring to know that there are talented British designers in the quilt world and mine is Beth Studley, whose designs are quite vibrant.
Anyway this is just a selection.

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  1. That top fabric is gorgeous - it looks Australian!

  2. An interesting post Sue. I must see if they have those books in our Library. I like your Drunkards path Cushion. Such a pretty Cushion. It looks pretty complicated to me !


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