11 September 2017

Sarah's Wedding

My daughter, Sarah, is the eldest of our 3 children but the last one to get married.  Her wedding to Andy (oh, just realised I now have a son-in-law!) took place on Saturday 9th.  This was held at Bennett's Water Garden in Weymouth, so it was an outdoor wedding and the weather was showery. There are alternative arrangements should the weather be really, really wet but it was dry enough for the wedding ceremony and taking a few photos before another downpour, fortunately.

Here is Sarah with my husband David walking towards the gazebo where the ceremony took place.

There were bridesmaids - Sarah's friend Ann and our grand-daughters Sophie and Isobel (though she's hidden behind Sophie.

And pageboys Leo (in front) and Freddie
Freddie was a very reluctant pageboy, he wasn't impressed with the proceedings.

A pic of the wedded couple, I managed a reasonable photo of them under the willow arch with the bridge in the background.

When more showers arrived we all went into the conservatory building and more photos taken

Sarah with Ann

David and I took a selfie.  All these are pics I've taken with my iPhone.  Over the next few days there will be more that Carly (who was the wedding photographer as well as my daughter-in-law) and George (my brother-in-law) have taken and will share those later.

David hired a vintage bus from Dekkabus which has a Bristol Lodekka bus from the 1970's which was used by Hants and Dorset (later to become Wilts and Dorset) Bus Company.  It has a link with Bristol where Sarah lived for a number of years as well as a local connection and transported the wedding guests from Bennett's in Weymouth to Charlton Down Hall just north of Dorchester.

Sarah had an unusual vintage style dress with a lacy bolero top so not only did I manage a pic of her on her own by the bus, but also had a back view to see the lacy detail of the top, which looked really gorgeous.

Another thing that looked gorgeous was the wedding cake that my Mum made.  My Dad is too frail to go very far nowadays so my parents weren't able to go, but my Mum made the wedding cake and she did really well, although arthritis in her hands is making things more difficult now.  The flowers are artificial but suited the cake well.

 The small floral table arrangements toned in really well.
The day went well (though it was a long one!) and everyone had a good time.  Visits to their house the next day by relatives to see the house they'd moved into just a few weeks ago and they were off on honeymoon today.


  1. Congratulations to all! Beautiful dress and I like be that they had a vintage bus!


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