11 January 2019

Finish A Long 2019 - First Quarter

After a solo finish a long last year as I couldn't find the links in time to join up, I've made sure that I'm linking up with the 2019 Finish A Long this year and posting the finishes I hope to achieve this year.  Sandra from Studio Sew of Course had a useful list to write down projects to help keep track.  I will also put the projects on a list on my sidebar too.

As I've written in an earlier post we had problems with our shower which meant that the cupboard in my room needed a clear out and tidy (which has sort of, ahem, happened) and it also gave me the opportunity of listing quilt projects that need finishing.  Most are tops that have wadding (batting) with them though need backing.

So here goes

1 Kingfisher Quilt - this is an intentionally slow quilt with EPP hexies sewn onto diamond shaped background pieces and these have been joined together with a neutral narrow border.

I would like to attach a coloured border with neutral hexies, but haven't found a fabric that would suit as yet.

2. Hearts Quilt. I made this as a strippy quilt some years ago!  But have found the top and it has a backing too but will need wadding. Once thats sorted then I can get to work on that one and I will machine quilt this to go to Linus.  Its a cute but not too cute a quilt that would suit a teenager so I will endeavour to get that done this quarter.

3.  Ups and Downs Quilt.  This was a variation on Delectable Mountains which was done as a 'secret' workshop about a couple of years ago at Pauline's Patchworks in Dorchester.  The top has turned out to be a long thin top and looking at this again I think a couple of rows could come off the bottom and placed at the sides to make wider.  Decision to be made on whether to border or not.  Not sure what to do when finished.

4.  I'll call the this quilt The Long One.  This is an old project which was to be made for the house we rented in Yorkshire (we've been back in Poole for 8 years now so it is going back a bit!) which had a deep drop in the stairwell and thought would brighten the passageway.  Of course its not needed now but would be good to get finished off.  I started to quilt it but needs more detail in the quilting so I am hoping to finish this quarter.

5.  Dazzling Diamonds quilt.  This is a quilt top at another workshop at Pauline's Patchworks taught by Jan Hassard and a brilliant workshop it was too, really enjoyable.  It has left me with another quilt top though so I must get a backing and wadding sorted on that.

6.  Tubix Quilt.  I tested the pattern out for Sue Abrey QuiltSue some years ago and it had been in a magazine (can't remember which one) a few years back.  The top has been lingering in the cupboard and I bought backing (which I didn't like so that may be why I didn't progress this) so this must be progressed. It does look good, in spite of the plain fabric, which I wouldn't normally go for, but it is colourful and fits on top of our bed quite nicely, so if I can find a backing fabric I do like then finish off.

7.  Carry All Tote.  I made this originally as a gift to Marie, my room mate at the Sewing Shindig but it was one of those projects that kept going wrong no matter what I tried and in the end I made her other choice of a Sewing Date Traveler, which went together a lot better.  It has got to the point where I need to attached the binding all the way around the bag and even though I have got denim/jeans needles the machine (which is a Juki!) still protested.  I watched a You Tube video with hints on how to make this bag and the lady on that said she would put on the binding by hand.  This bag is going to be finished, not sure how but it will be!!

So these are my proposed finishes in this quarter as far as sewing and quilting goes.  At least two will be certain but others will roll over.  It gives me something to aim for for the year.  I am also taking part in making Siblings Together blocks and I've got a few knitting and crochet things to do too.

Linking up with 2019 Finish A Long

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  1. Wowser! You've got some great projects that are not for the light of heart. I really favor Dazzling Diamonds, the hearts, and the Kingfisher.

  2. I love your projects. I haven't started the kingfisher pattern yet and always appreciate the optical illusion like the Tubix pattern. Even the nearly finished bag pattern appeals to my taste. Good luck with your projects.

  3. Lots of lovely things on that list - I'm going to enjoy watching them get finished! Good luck!

  4. Yay! So glad you were able to link up this go round! You have some lovely projects! I hope prioritizing for the Finish Along helps you get some of these checked off the list! On behalf of all the hosts, Thanks so much for joining us!!!


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